Banana Apple Collard Green Smoothie

1-2 cups of filtered water 4 collard green leaves 1 large banana apple (remove seeds and stem) Add half of the water to the blender, then add all ingredients and blend well. Add more water if needed. Collard greens are... Read More »

Chia Seeds Smoothie Recipe

1-2 cups of filtered water 1 Banana 2 pears (deseeded) handful of kale 2 tablespoons of chia seeds (soak in water for at least 5 minutes) Add half of the water to the blender, then add all ingredients and blend... Read More »

Apple Carrot Kale Juice Recipe

4 carrots 2 apples 1 large cucumber (peeled if waxed) handful of Kale 3 celery stalks thumb size cutting of ginger Drink lots of carrot juice. It contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You can substitute the kale with spinach, beet... Read More »

Dandelion Green Juice Recipe

handful of dandelion greens handful of kale 1 large cucumber(peeled if waxed) 2 honey crisp apples (deseeded) handful of cilantro Honey crisp apples are in season and can be found at almost every grocery store. I noticed the organic and... Read More »

Healthy Mango Lassi Smoothie Recipe

2 ripe mangos (cut and diced) 1 cup of coconut milk Add all ingredients to the blender and blend well until smooth. You can add ice if you prefer it colder. I keep my fruits in the fridge prior to... Read More »

Cucumber Honeydew Melon Smoothie Recipe

1 cups of filtered water 1 cucumber (peeled if waxed) 1 honeydew melon (peeled and seeded) Did you know that on the inside of the cucumber’s temperature can be 20 degrees lower than the outside temperature? This is why it’s... Read More »

Cilantro Swiss Chard Apple Smoothie Recipe

2-3 cups of filtered water handful of cilantro 2 apples (deseeded) 2 Swiss Chard leaves 1 cucumber (peeled if waxed) Add half of the water to blender first then add more after everything is blended to get your desired consistency.... Read More »

Benefits of Cilantro

I bet you’ve enjoyed cilantro in salsa but you probably never knew how potent this little green herb is. Some refer to cilantro as the life saving herb, the anti-diabetic herb, a powerful detoxifier, natural chelator and an inexpensive cure for... Read More »

Cilantro Banana Pear Kale Smoothie Recipe

2-3 cups of filtered water small handful of cilantro handful of kale 2 pears (deseeded and remove stem) 1 banana I wouldn’t recommend this smoothie to a beginner because of the cilantro. Cilantro is very strong and some people aren’t... Read More »