Go Eco-Friendly with Your Car in Just a Few Easy Steps

Ever since climate change became an issue we couldn’t keep ignoring, gas-guzzling cars have been the target of many eco-friendly activists, with good reason too, seeing as they’re a major contributor to pollution and greenhouse gas buildup.

However, traveling to and from work can be pretty expensive, especially if you’re in the lower class, meaning you’re technically forced to drive a car, no matter how dedicated to the cause you may be.

The ICE, which powers the car, releases dozens of different deadly gasses and particles into the atmosphere, creating an environment that is unhealthy for humans to live in while also fueling climate change.

With all of these concerns on your mind, it can be pretty hard to remain neutral on this issue, and we’re going to help you figure out what you can do to make your car rides more eco-friendly and your contributions to preserving the planet more important.

Go electric

While this may not be the option most suitable for everyone’s wallet, it’s certainly the simplest and the most effective one out there, as electric cars produce no emissions that will pollute the atmosphere.

Due to a visible lack of an internal combustion engine in the vehicle, electric cars could solve our pollution problems, provided everyone made the switch, which is easier said than done considering one electric car costs at least 2 times the average gas guzzler.

Another great thing about electric vehicles is that you don’t have to buy them new, and as long as you’re getting a car with a decent battery, you’re not contributing to the manufacturing industry which is still fairly harmful to the environment.

Finally, with an electric car, you’re saving money in the long run, as gas is only going to go up in price, whereas electric energy fluctuates, giving you more than enough time to capitalize on your investment.

Switch off your engine whenever you can

Even if you’re just idling your car, the engine is still producing emissions that will eventually end up in the atmosphere, further contributing to climate change and air pollution.

Of course, if you’re driving an older car, you’re going to have some difficulties turning the engine on every so often, but if you’re driving a newer model, there’s no harm in turning it off while at a red light or waiting for someone.

While these emissions are negligible compared to the amount that the car produces while it’s running, doing your part is crucial to preserving nature, even if it means doing it bit by bit.

This will also help you save fuel, meaning that you’ll be spending less on transport while also contributing to preventing climate change and doing your part.

Reduce weight

Cars tend to consume more gasoline when they’re under a heavy load, and if a car becomes overloaded, it may begin creating additional emissions that will end up polluting the air and speeding up climate change.

Of course, making a single trip is far better than taking two or three just to get everything from point A to point B, but you’ll want to carefully examine whether it’s worth the trouble, as you could damage your car by trying to do everything in one go.

This also helps ensure the safety of every passenger in the vehicle, as every car is designed to carry a certain load, and anything above that could potentially damage the car and endanger those riding in it.

Overloaded vehicles are involved in more accidents on average, and with the high consumption of fuel, it’s always better to take things at a steady pace.

Try a healthier option

Finally, you could just opt for the most eco-friendly way of transport, that being a bike or simply using your legs to get yourself to where you’ve got to be.

Naturally, you’re not going to be walking miles to work, and you could help save money on gas by carpooling with some of your coworkers, but as long as your destination is within walking distance, you should always try not to drive.

Unless you’re in a rush, there’s no reason to take your car to the store, and even if you feel like the number of groceries may be too great to carry on your walk home, you can always do your grocery shopping while completing your other errands.

Stopping by the store on your way home from work is far more eco-friendly than going the next day, and if you turn it into a habit, you’ll begin saving on gas, put in a good workout every once in a while by taking a walk and also make a great contribution to preserving our planet.

You’d be surprised with how much of a change you’re making, and by getting others to follow your example, nature may finally begin to heal.