Grapefruit Red Cabbage Juice Recipe

1 grapefruit (peeled and deseeded) 3-4 handfuls of red cabbage 1 handful of kale 1-2 large cucumbers (peeled if waxed) This comes out to be a really pretty purple color. Check out the benefits of red cabbage juice. “How people... Read More »

Grapefruit Carrot Kale Juice Recipe

1 grapefruit (peel and remove seeds) 7 carrots 2 handfuls of kale thumbsize cutting of ginger Grapefruit juice is high in Vitamin C and contains potassium. Potassium is an electrolyte that is necessary for muscle contractions which is vital for... Read More »

Kale Peach Banana Smoothie

2-3 cups of filtered water 2 handfuls of kale 1 whole peach (remove seed) 1 banana Pour half the water in the blender and then add again after all the kale and fruits are blended to get your desired consistency.... Read More »

Liquid Chlorophyll Benefits

Liquid Chlorophyll can be bought in a health food store or online, but even better than that, did you know you can add chlorophyll to your diet by drinking smoothies and fresh organic juices every day? Chlorophyll is the pigment... Read More »

Kale and Pear Smoothie Recipe

2-3 cups of filtered water 2 handfuls of kale 2 pears (remove seeds 1 cucumber (peeled if waxed) Remember when making your smoothies to add half of the water to the blender first. Add more water as you add more... Read More »

Red Cabbage Juice Recipe

3 big handfuls of cut red cabbage 2 celery stalks 1 cucumber (peeled if waxed) 1 apple (without seeds) I made this purple juice this morning. I like that it isn’t too sweet. I recommend an extra apple if you... Read More »

Carrot Juice Recipe

5- 6 carrots Sometimes I will add a cucumber (peeled if waxed) or water to my carrot juice and use fewer carrots. Carrot juice is extremely high in beta-carotene and then our bodies convert the beta-carotene into vitamin A. Check... Read More »

Peach and Banana Green Smoothie

2-3 cups of filtered water 2 handfuls of turnip greens 1 cucumber(if waxed remove peel) 1 whole peach with skin(remove seed) 2 bananas I made this one for someone just this morning. This was his first green smoothie so I... Read More »

Turnip Green Smoothie Recipe

3 cups of filtered water big handful of turnip greens 1 cucumber (peeled if waxed) 1 mango (chopped, peeled without seed) 1 banana Yum! This is what I’ve been drinking today. The mango wasn’t very good. In some areas sweet,... Read More »

Green Kale and Peach Smoothie Recipe

2-3 cups of filtered water 2 handfuls of kale 1 cucumber 2 peaches I love experimenting with green smoothies by adding different fruits and vegetables. I like my smoothies to taste really light and green with a little sweetness to... Read More »