Plant a Tree, Save the Planet!

Trees are the main source of oxygen we have, and with continued deforestation, soon we’re going to have to rely on algae for oxygen production, and that’s a bleak way to look at the future. By law, lumber companies are... Read More »

Eat Smarter to Help Save the Planet

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Go Eco-Friendly with Your Car in Just a Few Easy Steps

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Ways to Contribute to the Sustainable Fashion Industry

Ever since the whole world accepted that we’re speeding towards a disastrous finish if we keep up at the same pace regarding deforestation and unethical production, sustainable products have been making a comeback. Most recently, ethically produced clothing has been... Read More »

Make Your Commute to Work/School Eco-Friendly

Our carbon footprint has gotten a lot worse in recent years, and even though electric vehicles have become much more widespread, air pollution keeps getting worse. At the end of the day, even EVs require electric energy, and it’s usually... Read More »