How to Start Your Meditation Practice in 2023

Meditation has been around for hundreds of years, and it’s not some new thing that everyone’s just trying out because they read it in Cosmopolitan magazine.  In fact, it’s a practice that helps people learn to be more mindful and... Read More »

4 Ways You Could Be More Mindful in 2023

Living a more mindful lifestyle is something we should all strive for, be it for those around us that we care about or for our own mental health.  Embracing this approach to life will help you focus on the things... Read More »

Recovering from a Food Coma in a Flash!

Dozing off after a solid meal is pretty normal, but there’s still a load of science behind it that you may not yet understand. This usually happens after particularly big meals, especially if you’ve been fasting to enjoy them more... Read More »

6 Ways to Heal Your Body and Mind This Year!

New Year’s resolutions are infamously short-lived, and the majority of them have something to do with self-betterment and life improvement. However, things don’t have to be that way, and setting some more realistic goals may help you stick to them.... Read More »

Why I Love Frankincense

I love the smell of frankincense. It has a unique, sweet, warm, light, woodsy, camphor smell that feels comforting and soothing. Frankincense is known as the father of all essential oils. It’s mentioned in one of the oldest known medical... Read More »

Forest Bathing

I went camping in the Redwoods back in July. It was amazing, walking barefoot among the giant trees. The beautiful shades of green were so refreshing on my eyes. I can’t remember feeling that good ever. Trees release phytoncides that... Read More »