Healing Your Mind and Body with Energy Treatments

If you’ve ever endured pain for a longer period of time, you may already have turned to alternative healing strategies, although many people have yet to explore how energy can help them recover. 

However, this is not a fad that popped up just recently, energy healing has been around for centuries and has been passed on through families practicing it for generations. 

It can have a direct impact on your well-being as it impacts both your physical and mental states, allowing your body to move past them and recover back to normal. 

This type of treatment is particularly effective for mental illnesses, and it can help demonstrate that just a bit of mindfulness can go a long way. 

Many claims that it functions by realigning one’s energy flow through their body, which is said to be able to automatically cure a person. 

While this does sound a bit far-fetched, at least by modern medicine standards, it’s promising enough to at least give it a try, as it won’t cost you anything.


This is a type of spiritual healing whose name is composed of two Japanese words. 

Rei stands for the wisdom of God, whereas Ki is the energy that supposedly runs through our bodies and everything else that lives on this planet. 

Traditionally, it’s administered alongside standard medicinal therapy to help patients recover, although some have also practiced it long-distance, channeling their Ki to their loved ones to help them recover from an ailment much faster. 

The technique involves a lot of simple hand movements and symbols that help channel this energy into the right pathways through our body, and it’s been proven effective in healing the damage done by flu, colds, and even stomach aches. 

Some also find it to be incredibly effective in helping patients overcome heart disease.

Pranic healing

Similar to Reiki, Pranic healing strategies also focus on the body’s inner energy, using it to heal the body by redistributing it where healing needs to be administered. 

However, you may find that this sort of healing only works when it’s a person’s aura or energy has sustained damage, and it’s not directly linked to dealing with physical ailments. 

In this sense, Pranic healing is more of a mental cleanse than it is a healing strategy, but it’s directly linked to techniques that could impact one’s body as well. 

Through the therapy given by an expert, Pranic techniques help remove the toxicity from one’s body, which will then help accelerate the body’s innate healing processes.


Some healing techniques have been around for hundreds of years, but Qigong dates back almost 4 millennia, and it’s widely considered to be one of the best practices to return balance to one’s body. 

Essentially, it’s a combination of complex body movements, breathing exercises, and meditation, all three of which work in tandem to help stimulate health, and spirituality and improve the healing processes going on in our bodies. 

Qigong therapy is deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has been going up in popularity for the past couple of years, largely due to many people seeking alternative solutions to modern medicine. 

For some it works, whereas it’s completely useless for others, so make sure to do your research and fully commit before making a decision. 

Quantum healing

This therapy is linked to our body’s resonance, which is the concept of prolongation of vibrations which then results in synchronization with another vibrating object. 

If we look at what we currently know about physics, every single object in the universe oscillates/vibrates at a certain rate, and quantum healing aims to make use of this principle. 

Breathing exercises and visualization help the body channel energy, which then leads to the body synchronizing with nature and other beings around it. 

Think of it like tuning a string instrument, where you’re tightening the string until the tone sounds beautiful and connected to the other tones the instrument makes. 

Aside from being spiritual in nature, quantum healing is generally considered to be beneficial to the body’s immune system.


For hundreds of years, we’ve attributed strange powers to shiny rocks found deep in the caves we explored. 

However, there may have been something more to it than just old wives’ tales, as a connection has been found between crystals and healing processes in the human body. 

Every crystal has its own purpose, and it may affect the body in a different way, promoting different processes and energy movement within. 

Crystal healing can address a number of issues, from physical to emotional, and all you’ve got to do is find the right one that works for you. 

While some can help channel energy into the body, others repel negative energies and influence, preventing your mental and physical well-being from being damaged.