6 Tips to Return Health and Glow to Your Skin!

Even though we don’t consider it an organ, per se, skin is still the tissue that covers the biggest surface area out of all of them in or on our body, and taking care of it is crucial if you want to live a healthy life. 

More often than not, skin that glows is seen as a symbol of vitality and good health, and in contrast to that, gray and dull skin often appears when you’re not doing too fine. 

Thankfully, there’s more than a handful of solutions for this, and the majority of them are probably already available to you, whereas the rest might set you back only a few dollars. 

Raw potatoes

While they’re incredibly tasty and versatile when it comes to cooking food, potatoes may even be incredibly helpful when it comes to boosting your skin health too. 

Instead of dicing them though, this time you’ll want to mash the potato into a fine paste, after which you’ll apply it to your face gently, rinsing with water a couple of minutes later. 

You can also cut them into thin slices and place them over your eyes, kind of like you see people doing with cucumber slices. 

Repeating this treatment regularly will help your skin retain its stretchiness and have that beautiful glow that we all strive for.


You may have heard of turmeric when trying to figure out whether you could make your own curry powder, but there’s more to it than just its bright orange color. 

In fact, it triples as an antioxidant, antiseptic, and even a skin-brightening agent, so long as you keep applying it regularly. 

On top of that, it pairs excellently with lemon, which is also a brightening agent, and by combining the two into a paste, you can produce a great remedy for tanned skin. 

If you’re fine with having a slightly darker skin complexion after a summer of sunbathing, you can still use turmeric powder pastes to improve your skin health and bring back its natural glow.

Rose water

You’ve probably tried a ton of artificial toners out on the market, and proven to yourself time and time again that natural remedies are the best solution to all your problems. 

Rose essential oil and rose water fall into this category, as they’re suitable for all skin types, and can be used in a variety of ways, whether it’s on the move or if you’re having a spa day at home. 

By doing this regularly, you’ll help your skin relax and calm down, allowing its pH levels to drop to normal while also repairing its natural elasticity. 

Apart from this, rose water is incredibly healthy even when you consume it as a drink from time to time, so any leftovers you may have from skincare can be utilized in a different way.

Don’t forget your sunscreen

Even when you’re not at the beach, your skin needs protection from the sun, and what better way to do it than the tried and tested sunscreen creams?

In fact, they’ve become so effective that continued use of SPF 15 sunscreen alone can lower the risk of skin cancer. 

Apart from protecting you from UV rays, which are among the most deadly types of radiation, sunscreen also slows down the process of photoaging, which is usually visible in people with high amounts of sun exposure.

It doesn’t even have to be sunny outside, and as long as you’re not overdoing it, a small amount of sunscreen will protect you from the deadly UV rays our star shines down on us.

Avoid smoke

Numerous studies have proven secondhand smoking to be almost as dangerous as actually smoking a cigarette yourself. 

But, there’s still a lot more to it, and you’ve probably noticed that your skin begins to smell like smoke after only a few hours around smokers. 

The toxins that land on the skin of your face and arms will then increase the amount of oxidative stress in your skin cells, causing them to age much faster than the rest of the skin on your body. 

If you’re a smoker, there’s probably a bundle of good reasons for you to stop, but knowing that your skin is suffering because of it may just be the motivation you needed all this time.

Maintain a healthy water intake

Our bodies are composed of around 70% water, and it goes without saying that drinking water goes hand in hand with your skin health. 

In fact, a study from 2015 found that there’s a strong link between persons who drink more water and those who have healthier skin. 

While it may sound like a stretch, you’re probably drinking a lot less water than you should be. 

You should aim to drink at least 8 ounces of water every day, and even that won’t be enough when the warmer season rolls around.