Liver Detoxification

Your liver is a special organ. It has the important job of cleaning all of the blood in your body by removing toxins. It helps you to fight infections, creates proteins to control blood clotting, processes hormones and stores energy, daily vitamins and iron. It  produces bile which breaks down fats and prepares them for digestion and absorption. Your liver holds about 14% of your blood supply and it’s involved in over four hundred functions. It can regenerate itself completely and it can also grow to adjust its size. Amazing liver!

Liver disease occurs when regeneration of healthy liver cells is prevented by the development of scar tissue within the liver. This occurs when a virus, alcohol or drugs haults the progress of its regeneration. The scar tissue makes it difficult to reverse that process. Scarring will cause the liver to slowly deteriorate. This is called cirrhosis.

Many healers believe that diseases cannot develop in the body if the liver is healthy. Makes perfect sense right? If you take care of your liver with a clean healthy diet of organic fruits, vegetables, clean water and exercise, your liver will keep you living healthy. Indulging in alcohol, caffeine, prescription drugs, eating processed foods and excessive simple carbohydrates, and smoking can seriously tax your liver. This may cause you to feel sick and low energy. Your liver needs some help. A liver detoxification is very beneficial. Liver detoxification is one of the quickest ways to elimination of toxins and promote the healing process of the liver. This also means to help  purge the liver of gallstones, residues of drugs, excessive fats, cholesterol deposits and regenerate new healthy liver cells.

I like a three day fast myself. I do these several times a year. 5 day liver detoxification fasts are also very common. The first day is always a little challenging.  As long as I make it through the first day, the next two are a breeze.

Use caution and be aware of your body whenever you are fasting especially during a liver detoxification. If you are hypoglycemic, diabetic or have other other chronic health problems fasting may not be for you. Consult your physician first.

You should relax while fasting, so choose a time when you are able to do this.This allows your body to use its energy for liver detoxification. Eat only raw frits and vegetables and abstain from caffeine a few days before your juice fast. This will make it easier for your detox.

Drink as many raw organic juices as you want. Beet and carrot juice is known as one of the best juices for liver detoxification.Others detoxifying juices include apple, dandelion greenscabbage, lemon and grapefruit. Drinking lots of clean water with lemon during your fast will also help in the process. Herbal teas are also a good choice during your fast. I also recommend milk thistle herbs. Milk thistle has been confirmed by research studies to protect the liver and also aid in regenerating healthy liver cells.

While you are fasting, toxins are released and common side effects include fatigue, headaches, body aches, irritability, dizziness,  body odor, skin breakouts, anxiety nausea, diarrhea, dark urine, sinus symptoms and insomnia. Some people report very few effects during liver detoxification.

After  completing your liver detoxification you should  slowly introduce solid foods back into your system. Try not to overeat and eat raw foods as much as possible. Stick with raw foods for awhile and go slow.

Besides rejuvenation of the liver other benefits of liver detoxification include more energy, glowing skin, weight loss, drug detoxification, anti-aging,  improved hearing, vision and  taste, better rest, rest for the body’s other organs, allergies reduction, more relaxed, better immunity, healthy choices in diet and many more. For maximum benefits treat your body to a liver detoxification several times a year.