Help Save the Environment, One Step at a Time

It’s pretty easy to understand how great of an impact protecting the environment can have on our future, and it’s our duty to pass this planet on to the next generation in as good of a shape as we found it in, perhaps even better. 

Wooded areas and green surfaces are a must for every place that humans wish to inhabit, and maintaining those is one of the most important steps to keeping the earth as healthy as can be. 

On top of protecting the planet, preventing pollution from setting in also helps us stay healthy, and with a protected environment, we can have access to all the things we need to lead a happy and fulfilled life. 

However, as our population grows, these resources easily become depleted, which leads to even greater plots of land becoming dedicated to producing said resource, closing a wicked circle that takes a lot of work to sanction.

What you can do

Even though you may just be a single person, the amount of impact you can have on fighting off climate change depends on how committed to the cause you really are, and it may take some real dedication to stay on the right path.

Recycling and reusing most of your things, or at least those you can is often incredibly difficult, especially if there’s not a single recycling plant within a reasonable distance from where you live. 

You should note that every piece of garbage that gets recycled is a piece of garbage that won’t end up in a landfill, which could potentially lead to improvements in soil and water quality in the area. 

If you can’t recycle it, you may still be able to upcycle it into something else you could use, and this often applies to clothes, which are usually tossed aside the moment they’re torn or grown out of. 

Instead of getting rid of your child’s old clothes, you could instead find a way to reuse them in the future, saving yourself some money on the side while also protecting the planet from additional pollution.

Walk a bit more

However, sometimes it’s not enough just worrying about how you dispose of things, and you may want to decrease your carbon footprint some other way. 

If your destination is within walking distance, there are very few things that could justify getting in your car to get there, unless you’re on a tight schedule or the weather conditions simply won’t allow for a nice stroll to where you’re going. 

Decreased gas consumption is something we should all strive for, as cars are among the biggest man-made pollutants on the planet, leading to increased amounts of greenhouse gases and damaging the earth’s ozone layer every step of the way. 

Apart from polluting our air, diesel, and petrol also contribute to a lot of the water pollution we’re dealing with, and you may already be familiar with the damage an oil spill can cause to a smaller ecosystem.

Even if you can’t exactly walk to your destination, a bike ride is a perfectly reasonable option, so long as the weather will allow it, and you’ll even be putting in decent exercise while doing your best to end climate change.

Use less paper

While we’ve definitely made the shift from paper to digital in most business sectors, the amount of paper that gets wasted every day is concerning, and it’s highly likely you’ve never paid enough attention to this.

Paper is produced by milling wood, which is the leading cause of deforestation on our planet, and if you’ve done your homework, you’ll know that deforestation is the one thing that’s the opposite of fighting climate change.

Without enough green surfaces and treelines to keep producing oxygen, we’re bound to eventually be facing a global crisis of greenhouse gas buildup, which leads to global warming and all of the repercussions that come with it. 

Storing information digitally may be the less safe way to do it, seeing as you’re not creating a physical copy, but if you wish to keep this planet healthy, you’ll do whatever it takes to save the trees.

Final word

There are many things a single person can do in terms of impacting climate change, and the options are practically endless, so long as you’re willing to commit yourself to the cause and become as eco-friendly as you can be. 

We all have to do our part if we want to pass this planet onto the next generation, and while the impact you alone can have doesn’t seem like a lot, it could potentially inspire others to follow your example and be the change they’d want to see. 

Humans can do almost anything when they come together, and considering this is the planet that’s given us life, the least we could do to thank it is keep it clean.