Set Yourself Free from the Digital World – Digital Detox

Technology is everywhere around us, and as it’s slowly made its way into our pockets, most of us find ourselves looking at our phone screens more often than we’d like to. 

Of course, the convenience that a smartphone can offer is a welcome addition to everyone’s life, but sometimes it feels like we’re chained to the social media platforms that are so easily accessible through one. 

Oftentimes, prolonged exposure to social media or just screens, in general, can increase feelings of anxiety and stress, and that’s the last thing you need if you’re planning to decompress after a long day at work. 

This is exactly why digital detox has been growing in popularity, and if you feel like your phone keeps putting you down, maybe it’s time to give it a break, at least for a couple of hours every day, maybe even more if you can at all. 

A much-needed break from the digital world is in order, and we’re going to show you how to do it properly.

Getting started

Naturally, giving up a habit isn’t the easiest of things, and no one’s expecting you to completely give up access to the internet and phone, as most of us practically depend on those things for work, family, and many other aspects of our lives. 

Instead, what you can do to get started is set boundaries, which you can do with limits on how long you’ll be using your phone or a certain time that you’ll decide to put your phone down for the day. 

A common rule people opt for is that they won’t be using their phone after 9 PM, which can be incredibly helpful if you’re trying to get your sleeping schedule in order. 

At this point, many people begin arguing that they need their phone for their morning alarm or that they simply need to watch a couple of videos to send them off to sleep, but we all know how that goes. 

Maybe you could invest some money in an alarm clock and even leave your phone out of your bedroom for starters.

Spend more time in the great outdoors

Nothing spells rehab better than a nice, long walk outside, and even if the weather may not be optimal for it, we’ve had umbrellas for hundreds of years, and it’s time to put them to good use. 

Some quality time spent in nature is one of the best ways to distance yourself from technology, although it’s recommended to bring your phone with you if you’re headed to a wooded area, as it’s incredibly easy to get lost. 

The last thing you need is your family looking for you for hours on end, but as long as you’re determined not to gaze at your phone every now and then, there’s no issue with bringing a device along for the walk. 

If you’re really having trouble not interacting with it, one thing you can do is set it to the “do not disturb“ mode, which is present on most modern-day phones, and you’ll soon find that the sounds of nature are much more soothing than the constant notifications you receive while you scroll away.

Quality time with your loved ones

Sometimes it feels like family gatherings have turned into some of the blandest activities you can do, and the phones are usually the ones to blame. 

You’re not alone if you’re sick of visiting family only to then see everyone staring at their screens as if you weren’t even there. 

Instead of interacting with people on social media, some face-to-face interaction may just be what we all need, and you may want to include a basket for everyone to leave their phone in if you’ve got friends or relatives coming over for a visit. 

A game night can be equally as fun, if not more, than scrolling Instagram endlessly, looking at all the pictures your friends have posted, and laughing at memes instead of laughing at a well-timed joke from a long-time friend. 

Don’t eat with your phone

The trick to staying healthy is not dragging your meals out for too long, and you may already know how things can turn if you decide to put on a YouTube video or even a movie while you’re having dinner. 

Sooner or later, your food gets cold and you don’t even feel like eating it, whereas others have a hard time stopping their snacking if they’re looking at a screen.

A great number of dieting plans go to waste purely because the person couldn’t put their phone down, leading to additional snacks, leading to one cheat day after another until the diet becomes obsolete. 

Final word

Remember, you’re doing this for yourself, the added social interaction you may gain from digital detox is only a benefit, not the actual purpose of your dedication to putting your phone down. 

Heavy usage of social media can be detrimental to our psychological and emotional health, and if you notice yourself craving some mindless scrolling, just remember that you’re better than that.