Surprising Facts About Mangoes. I Love Them Even More Now!

Mangoes are my favorite fruit ever. Right now in South Florida, we are nearing the end of mango season. Why can’t they just grow year around? Mangoes have so many health benefits.

Legend says that it was under a mango tree where Buddha meditated.

In India, the mango tree is a symbol of love and some people believe the tree can grant wishes. Most people probably just wish for more mangoes. Mangoes are absolutely the most delicious fruit ever, in my opinion.

Besides tasting good and being high in fiber, mangoes are loaded with potassium, beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K,  and they also contain phosphorous, calcium, and magnesium.

Dr. Susanne Talcott and Dr. Steve Talcott at Texas A & M University did a study on the effect of mangos on 7 types of cancer cells in vitro. The mango created some difference against leukemia, lung, and prostate cancers. The most compelling response was seen from breast and colon cancer cells. Dr. Susanne Talcott reported that colon and breast cancer cells underwent cell death or apoptosis. The research also showed that polyphenols consists of small molecules that are quickly absorbed during digestion. The larger molecules did not get absorbed but remained present in the colon where they have more exposure to the cancer cells.

A German physician named Dr. Martin Hirte found that mangoes contain minerals that are vital for stressed-out people and pregnant mothers. The magnesium and calcium of the mango relieves stress, relaxes muscles and prevents miscarriage.

Research at Nutritional Sciences in the College of Human Environmental Sciences at Oklahoma State University, showed that mango flesh can help blood glucose and reduce body fat. The study was done on mice. Mango flesh was shown to reduce levels of leptin, a hormone produced in our fat cells. As body fat increases, the levels of leptin in the body also increase. Mango also has an affect on the adiponectin. This is a hormone which is also produced by our fat cells. Adiponectin maintains blood glucose and increases the breakdown of fat.

Okay so they taste great, super nutritious, they are cancer fighters and they help increase the breakdown of my fat cells, I love mangoes even more now!

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