How to Get a Free Phone (Carriers That Offer This!)

Certain carriers are able to provide people with a free phone! Low-income individuals often have priorities other than a phone when it comes to spending their salary. Many of them will prioritize spending their money on food, rent, and/or medicine costs. That’s why paying for a phone and phone packages may seem like a luxury to many people. In this case, obtaining a phone for free may really help low-income individuals save on this cost. The catch, however, is that not everyone qualifies for this opportunity. So let’s find out who is eligible to get a free phone!

The Opportunities of Getting a Free Phone

Carriers are able to offer the option of a free phone as well as other nice benefits. Some people may wonder: Who doesn’t have a phone in this day and age? This is because phones have become such a necessity that we sometimes forget that there are still people who cannot afford them. This is why the opportunities that will be discussed may be helpful to some people since they can get a phone without having to worry about paying for it. One thing people should keep in mind is that only those who meet a program’s qualifying conditions will be able to benefit from it.

Understanding the Lifeline Program

The Lifeline program offers a monthly price reduction on some qualifying services. The price reduction is up to $9.25. However, for recipients who reside on tribal lands, there is a discount of up to $34.25. The discounts will be on one of the following services:

  •  Telephone services
  •  Broadband internet
  •  Voice-broadband bundles.

Like any support program, the Lifeline program is only able to help those who are eligible. The program is built on the belief that communications services should be affordable for everyone, so it targets low-income people. That said, individuals must be at or lower than 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines to qualify. Another thing that may qualify someone is if they are receiving aid from other programs. For anybody wondering, the credit for providing the Lifeline program goes to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). However, the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) is in charge of supervising the program.

Who Offers Free Phones?

Individuals looking to get a free phone should use the USAC’s tool to locate carriers in their area that provide this aid option. This is because not every carrier serves every location. However, just because a carrier is available in a person’s area does not mean they will be able to get a phone for free. There will be qualifying requirements that people have to meet to be able to benefit from this opportunity. Now, let’s discuss the carriers that are able to provide individuals with a free phone, and they are:

AirTalk Wireless

First up on this list is AirTalk Wireless. AirTalk stands out for ACP recipients wanting to switch providers, not only by offering a free smartphone but also through a host of other benefits. This includes complimentary monthly services with 5G+ high-speed internet and free unlimited international calls to over 60 countries. AirTalk ensures you’re well-connected across the nation. What’s more, even as the ACP program concludes, you can rely on AirTalk’s Lifeline Plan to maintain your phone number and continue enjoying seamless connectivity.


Verizon simplifies upgrading your phone with a variety of promotions, including budget-friendly deals like buy-one-get-one-free, perfect for families or those needing several phones. They also offer free phones through 36-month bill credit plans, catering to those who want to upgrade economically. Be sure to check out their diverse range of models and brands in these free phone offers. Additionally, you have the option to trade in your existing phone for a free upgrade. Such convenient opportunities make the process of getting a new, free phone from Verizon a straightforward experience.

Metro by T-Mobile

Metro’s current promotion brings a fantastic opportunity: get specific models of 5G phones, like the Google Pixel 6a or REVVL 6 5G, entirely free. Metro upholds a policy of clear, no-hidden-fee pricing, ensuring what you see is what you get. To snag one of these free phones, simply sign up for a plan starting at $40/month, and pay for the applicable taxes. Online shopping offers its own perks, with specific phones available without activation fees and options to add voice lines to your plan.


For many low-income individuals, essentials like food, rent, and medicine take priority over a phone. This makes a free phone offer from certain carriers a real lifesaver, helping to ease financial burdens. However, not everyone is eligible for this benefit. It’s essential to understand who qualifies for a free phone. Programs like Lifeline, backed by the FCC and managed by the USAC, provide discounts on services to help make communication affordable. To be eligible, individuals must meet criteria like having an income at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or receiving benefits from specific assistance programs. Carriers like AirTalk Wireless, Verizon, and Metro by T-Mobile offer free phones with additional benefits, each catering to different needs. These opportunities are a boon for those who can’t afford a phone, making essential communication services more accessible and manageable.