Organizations That Can Offer Support

When people think of opportunities for support, they usually think of government programs. However, there are actually way more options available. One source of support in particular are non-profit organizations.

Organizations You Should Check Out

Keep in mind the following options are just popular organizations you can consider. However, you may find even more support from local organizations that are close to where you live. Examples of popular non-profit organizations that can help are:

United Way Worldwide

United Way Worldwide offers assistance to countries globally. In addition to this, this non-profit organization assists Americans country-wide. Their primary goal is to provide locally driven and community-based solutions to national issues. Assistance from United Way Worldwide is available for health, finances, education, and more!

Feeding America

Getting proper food and nutrition is important. However, this is something that many people struggle with. Grocery shopping can be expensive, especially for large households. Local food banks receive assistance from Feeding America through donations of food, cash, and other items.

Feed The Children

This organization works to make sure that no child goes hungry. Stopping childhood hunger requires a lot of work. As a result, Feed the Children connects those who donate, partners, communities, and volunteers to work on ending hunger. The organization also offers support to families who are going through difficult times so they can provide for their children’s basic needs.

Salvation Army

Many individuals think that the Salvation Army is a thrift shop but it is a well-known non-profit organization that supports people in various ways. Some of their work includes support via homeless shelters, recovery programs, classes to help people escape poverty, veteran services, food pantries, and more!

Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities USA was established more than a century ago. The organization’s mission is to help disadvantaged Americans by using church resources. This organization can help with housing, food, disaster relief, and more.

Samaritan’s Purse

The nondenominational evangelical Christian charity called Samaritan’s Purse focuses on helping those who have faced difficulties. Helping the sick, poor, and financially insecure is their main focus. Christian literature, which highlights how Christians should share their charity, formed the basis for this non-profit organization’s mission to help others. Samaritan’s Purse assists people globally, but they also help citizens in the United States!

Transparent Hands Foundation

The Transparent Hands Foundation promotes bringing wealth and good health to needy individuals. They feel that it is their job to continue using their services to help all of humanity. The Transparent Hands Foundation collects donations to help pay for the surgeries of those who cannot afford treatment. They also put a lot of effort into raising their quality of life and making sure they recover well.

Step Up For Students

Step Up for Students places a strong focus on empowering parents to engage with the best learning opportunities for their children. This group focuses on disadvantaged families that cannot afford to access these educational opportunities. Step Up For Students provides support for public education and reduces the equal opportunity gap.

One of the ways that this organization helps is through scholarships specifically. Two scholarships in particular are:

  • The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program
  • The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options (FES-EO)

Americares Foundation

Those who have been affected by poverty or natural disasters can turn to The Americares Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that provides healthcare programs, clinical supplies, and medication.


The YMCA aims to assist individuals to experience the positive societal and personal changes that can come about when people collaborate. Because of this, the YMCA places a significant focus on building communities. They collaborate with their neighbors in various areas to make sure that everyone gets the chance to develop and learn. There are about 10,000 different neighborhoods in the United States, and the YMCA is present in the majority of them.

The YMCA is committed to giving everyone the same opportunities for education. Whatever your gender, ethnicity, or age – there is no discrimination. This non-profit organization focuses on empowering local communities to bring about significant and permanent change.

American Heart Association

One of the oldest and most established non-profit in the country is the American Heart Association. Their focus is to fight strokes and heart disease. Six cardiologists founded the American Heart Association in 1924 and, as of today, it employs more than 22.5 million people as employees and partners. They support new research initiatives, work to strengthen public health standards and provide important information and tools to save and improve people’s lives. The American Heart Association has nearly 3,000 representatives across 156 local offices.

The American Heart Association’s Activities

The goal of this group is to improve cardiovascular health for all Americans by 20%. They also seek to achieve a 20% increase in reduced deaths due to heart disease and stroke. Public health education is provided in a variety of ways. They currently hold the top ranking when it comes to CPR training and teaching. To help people and households, the American Heart Association raises awareness of the value of leading healthy lives. If you didn’t believe that leading a healthy lifestyle was necessary, you might want to reconsider!

The American Heart Association also provides medical professionals with treatment guidelines that have been supported by science. This will enable them to offer their patients high-quality care and protection. The American Heart Association supports public healthcare coverage in an effort to educate lawmakers, policymakers, and the general public. They want to improve and protect community health all around the country. They also have volunteer specialists who select the best scientific research for funding, which the Association then carries out and reviews.

Actions You Can Take Individually

You can always check these non-profit organizations if you are having trouble providing your children with food or paying for healthcare or education. However, if you’re not struggling, you should consider giving back. These non-profit organizations concentrate on assisting low-income families and individuals who either need support or have limited access to it. There are many ways to help–financial donations are not the only option. You can work as a volunteer and offer your time. You can also donate any food or clothing you no longer need if you don’t have the time.


In summary, you can browse non-profit groups to determine what will benefit your current circumstances. Thankfully, you can get help for a range of issues. There is a good probability that you will discover a non-profit group that will assist you if you require medical care or food for your family.

You must make sure that you do your research and choose the best kind of assistance for you. Furthermore, you shouldn’t treat these options as long-term answers to your current problems. You might need to think about these options as a means to help in your recovery. You should keep in mind that the only way you may escape your current problems is by working hard and making a commitment to change your life!