From Animal Cruelty to Compassionate – Choose Cruelty-Free Wellness Products

Animals go through a lot, and the current industry has come a long way from the ages when animal testing and abuse was a common thing that was done for the sake of fashion or wellness.

From how certain animals are treated at birth to the suffering some of them undergo due to a company’s ignorance in terms of animal cruelty, this problem is still present.

Of course, some brands have taken it upon themselves to be the change that the world needs, and they’ve been dedicated to selling cruelty-free wellness and health products for years on end.

We’re going to introduce you to some of the products you can buy knowing that their product didn’t cause harm to any animal or ecosystem, and if you spread the word, others may also become a bit more aware of this glaring issue.

History of animal cruelty

Ever since mankind discovered that animal-based products are easily marketable, we’ve been exploiting the thousands of different species that give us access to certain goods.

This created an incredible demand for some of these products, and while certain animal species have been turned into farm animals for the sake of the benefits they offer, some wild animals have been hunted to extinction.

Animal furs were a big thing in fashion up to only a few years ago, and thousands of foxes, bears, ferrets, and a number of other species were murdered every day in order to facilitate the fur industry.

Other animals, however, like rabbits, didn’t only undergo the horrific process of being skinned alive, and some of them were first tested on, as their ability to reproduce quickly makes them an incredible choice for laboratories.

Thousands of drugs are tested on live rabbits and rats every year, and even though it’s largely been prohibited, certain companies still do it.

Cruelty-free products

In order for a product to be cruelty-free, its production process must not inflict any harm to an animal or an ecosystem, and everything must be derived naturally.

Many believe that shearing sheep is also cruel, but sheep actually benefit from their fur being removed, and sheep farms are commonly sustainable in collecting this material.

It’s not always about animal-based products though, and sometimes this may also involve completely synthetic drugs and wellness products that used to be regularly tested on animals.

Purchase only from brands you know will respect our furry friends and give them a life worth living, rather than one filled with suffering from start to finish.

Usually, you can tell these products apart from those that were made unsustainably and with cruel production processes, as they contain fewer impurities and residues in their finished states than the rest.


Saje is a wellness/makeup brand that’s made a name for itself by devoting its entire company to ending animal cruelty in the industry.

Their products are made with the utmost care and have no connection to any form of animal suffering, whether it’s due to unsustainable materials being used in the production process or the testing phases of the product.

Saje’s natural wellness products are about as good as you’re going to get on the market and the fact that they were made with caution and care for our furry friends and the nature they live in.

From hand creams to ceramic diffusers, Saje wellness products are never tested on animals and the company intends to keep it this way, hoping that other brands may also follow suit and make the switch to sustainable and cruelty-free production methods.


Much like Saje, Amika products are intended for the eco-friendly American, and their haircare products are leaping-bunny certified, meaning that they actively test their products on humans instead of animals.

While this may sound unethical at first, it’s important to remember that these test subjects voluntarily sign up for product testing rather than the animals that are simply brought into the lab against their will.

On top of this, their website is a sight to behold, as they offer a search engine that will carefully examine your needs in terms of hair care and give you the most optimal products in terms of price point and the benefits you may gain from it.

One of their best-selling products is the Perk-Up Dry Shampoo, which can help you keep your hair clean on the go, even if you don’t have access to clean water for extended periods of time, and the best thing about it, it was made with 100% sustainable ingredients and processes.

Bottom line

Animal cruelty is a disease that we’ve slowly begun to overcome, and while it may still be present in a number of different industries, it’s significantly less prominent than it was only a decade ago.

Staying committed to a great cause can lead to major improvements in terms of how we view nature and those around us, and if others join this cause, we may just be able to contribute to something much greater than any one singular person.