Exploring the Divine: Spiritual Tourism Takes Center Stage as a Growing Trend

We, the human race, have spent centuries looking for answers to life’s greatest mysteries, usually with little success, albeit enough to keep us moving forward.

However, that quest brought us to a state where we found joy in many small, materialistic things, ones that have no intrinsic value aside from the one we assign to them, and many have argued that that would be where we went wrong.

As long as something will guarantee we will get some form of physical gratification, we’re ready to go to great lengths to achieve it, no matter the cost, which is a habit that we probably never should’ve adopted.

To no one’s surprise, all that was nothing more than a big lie, and there’s a lot more to life than just the things we buy with money, and to continue this never-ending search for answers, some have begun to travel, absorbing the world’s beauty with their own eyes, rather than through a computer screen.

Wellness vacationing

Wellness tourism is now an official branch of the tourism industry that focuses on travelers looking to settle down at a location that would help them pursue these answers to the questions boggling us humans.

They do this by promoting natural assets and activities that directly contribute to wellness and anything that would help the consumer find their “inner self”.

These vacationing spots became a lot more popular around the time people started picking up on the idea that taking care of one’s self is highly important for achieving happiness.

With this, spas and yoga retreats in all sorts of exotic areas of the world suddenly started gaining popularity, allowing the average consumer to lower their stress levels while also relaxing at a resort somewhere halfway across the world.

Is it worth it?

In a sense, the entire world was brought to its knees back in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, leaving many wondering whether they’re going to spend the rest of their lives locked inside.

This made a lot of us realize just how fragile our lives have really become over the years, and just how dependent on technology we as a species have become, as we would practically be completely unable to keep in touch without an internet connection.

Thankfully, we learned a couple of good things about ourselves through the pandemic as well, most notably, the fact that we’re strong enough to push through just about anything, even a history-altering event.

Because of this, so many Americans set off into the world to pursue their own happiness, knowing that disaster may strike again any moment, and with security being paper thin, none of us were safe, except for the brave few that decided to set off into the world.

The benefits

Traveling to wellness resorts around the globe can teach you one thing, that being that even modern problems can be solved with spiritual solutions, so long as you believe hard enough.

Thousands of people started looking up how to do chakra, crystal, or reiki healing, hoping that it would help their loved ones, and those that got to experience it firsthand were among the first to accept this.

Of course, there’s nothing better than going to the actual source of this healing power and experiencing it for yourself, and that’s exactly what happened.

After so many positive experiences, it didn’t take long for wellness resorts to become a growing trend, one that would be welcoming of people from any race, nationality, or political affiliations, creating somewhat of a safe haven for anyone looking to heal from the inside out.

Where to go

No matter how you look at it, eastern Asian countries seem to be the top destinations for healing-related travels, with the majority of tourists focusing on Indonesia, India, and China, although some southern American countries also make it onto the list.

Peruvian tribes have become notorious around the globe for their miraculous healers, and word spread fast, leading thousands of people to this lush, South American country.

The thick canopy and jungle are what make Peru so mysterious and exciting for tourists, and its rich history, including that of the tribes that the Inquisition encountered, is what drives people to visit the historical sites.

Macchu Picchu is one of the world’s wonders, and not witnessing its greatness while on vacation in the country is akin to heresy, especially if you had the means to do so.

Bottom line

Traveling alone won’t heal you too much, as there’s a lot more to it than just visiting a new place and experiencing it firsthand.

Getting familiar with the culture and experiencing years of healing rituals and trends is what truly helps, and it’s so enticing that many have even stayed for good, giving up their 9-5 life for a much simpler one, devoted to spiritualism and healing one’s body.