Easy DIY Art Ideas for Your Home

Nothing beats a nice, big art piece on the wall of your living room, but the downside is that they often come at a steep price that not many households can afford. 

However, this doesn’t have to always be true, and with only some minor expenses, you could easily become the owner of a beautiful piece of art that’ll be either a nice centerpiece for the room or a conversation starter for when you have guests over. 

When in doubt, DIY is the answer, and even if you’re not the artsiest or most creative person around, these art ideas will be easy for you to create. 

By putting in some minimal effort, you could add something beautiful to your living space at the fraction of the price of an actual art piece you’d buy from a retailer or an antique store. 

Below you’ll find some great ideas that you can implement to make your home just a tiny bit more interesting.

A picture ledge

For some, it’s the big art piece that takes the cake, but others would rather have more of them on display at all times. 

Of course, this does imply that you’ve already got some framed paintings or photographs that you’re willing to show off, or at least, have the time to make some of your own. 

On top of this, all you’ll need is a wood plank, a couple of screws, and maybe some varnish to make the wood really pop out from the wall. 

Once you’ve installed the ledge onto the wall, the only thing left to do is pick out the pieces you’d want people to see when they visit and then place them all on there. 

There’s no real order to how you should place your art pieces on this ledge, but you should go for a formation that would have the majority of them visible at all times. 

Shower curtain

While it does sound counterintuitive to place an item that’s meant to be in the bathroom into your living room, it does have its advantages. 

Most notably, there’s the fact that shower curtains can often come with some beautiful art on them, and although the majority of it is water or ocean theme, this doesn’t mean that it’s not worthy of a spot on your wall. 

Much like the picture ledge mentioned earlier, creating this display can be done with the help of items you’re likely to already have in your home, and even if you don’t, none of them are particularly expensive. 

In fact, the most expensive thing about a project like this may end up being the shower curtain, but that’s the price you’ve got to pay if you want to stand out as someone with unique taste.

Floating frames

Similarly to how you’d install a shower curtain as a decoration to your home, a floating frame can also be placed with the greatest ease. 

Most of the time, a cool tapestry you find can be the perfect choice for an art piece like this, and by attaching it to a wooden frame, you’ll easily create an interesting centerpiece for your living space. 

Once you’ve already attached the tapestry/canvas to the DIY frame, you can get to attach it to a wall of your choice, where it’ll look like it’s hanging onto practically nothing. 

If you’re not sure how this process would work though, there are dozens of videos out there explaining exactly how floating frames work and how you could make one of your own, so make sure to capitalize on the information you gain from this.

Put some portraits on display

Even though some may interpret this sort of decoration as somewhat narcissistic, you shouldn’t concern yourself with the opinions of those that don’t actually reside in your house. 

Aside from being incredible to find the art for, portrait displays are incredibly easy to make, and as long as you’ve got some high-quality pictures of yourself and your family, you’ll be in the clear. 

You can adjust how these portraits will look to match the overall style of your living space, although many people go for the black-and-white look, seeing as it’s the most generic way to decorate a space. 

If you’re looking to have some extremely realistic pictures, you could also snap some photos while your family isn’t aware you’re taking pictures of them, and they’ll look much more natural than when they’re prepared for it. 

Abstract clock

We’ve all got to be able to tell the time, and while our smartphones have that covered for us the majority of the time, it doesn’t mean that having a clock is completely obsolete. 

In fact, clocks can often be used as art pieces, especially if they’re vintage. 

However, we’re here to talk about DIY art, and with only some decorative paper and a functioning wall clock, you could easily create a piece that’ll catch the eye of anyone who enters your home. 

Of course, you’ll still want to keep the numbers on the clock’s face, even if you’re already used to it and know exactly what time it is without looking too hard, as some others may not be able to do this.