What My Boyfriend Ate Last Week. From Cheesesteaks to … [Story With Pics]

When I first met my boyfriend, Travis, he had poor eating habits, to say the least.

He ate the typical American diet: cheeseburgers, chicken wings, beef jerky, strong coffee, Taco Bell, microwaved hot pockets, Red Bull, Philly cheese steaks, grande iced vanilla mochas with extra whip from Starbucks, and Mountain Dew sodas.

Then we bought a new juicer and I started making us fresh juice every day… this was just the beginning!  A few years later, on April 15, 2013, we both decided to go on a fruit fast for 2 months.

For him, this meant quitting EVERYTHING: coffee, sugar, meat, wheat and breads, processed foods, all dairy products, all cold turkey, all of overnight. What followed, Travis describes as “hellacious.”

The first week we mono-dieted on nothing but oranges. We ate fruit all day and even for dinner. Travis had many extremely unpleasant detox symptoms… blood oozing from his mouth, blisters, severe rashes covering huge parts of his body, dizziness, bleeding and puss from lips, severe itching, and many more. In fact, after about a week, every day he was waking up with some new symptom that would only last an hour before the next one would start like clockwork.

BUT… he started feeling energetic like never before, his skin became clearer, he slept deeper, felt cleaner, had less body odor, and most importantly, he could breathe better. Travis has suffered from asthma since he was a young child, and was now able to walk out of the house without bringing an inhaler for the first time ever.

After the detox, Travis said he would never eat meat or coffee again. It’s almost been a year since the big change, so I decided to show what Travis has been eating lately.

He still has juice every day.


Travis would’ve never considered eating a meal without meat. This is Asian-style  noodles with veggies.


He eats fruit every day.


Raw pineapple and cilantro pizza.

photo 4
More juice.

An organic salad with homemade honey mustard dressing.

Travis’ favorite is noodles with vegetables. I wish I had $1 for every time I made this for him.


A veggie sandwich on sprouted bread. (He went back to eating some things with wheat, but only of the sprouted variety. Still a huge step up!)


Gluten-free pasta without any meat or canned sauce.

IMG_4746Beets! He said he would have never touched beets before, even with a 10-foot-pole.

Sushi without raw fish from Sasaya Japanese Market in Fort Lauderdale. He ordered this so often, the owner of the place had to try it herself to see what the big deal was. She loved it too!

Carrot orange juice is one of his favorites.
photo 3

A veggie wrap.
photo 5

A green smoothie loaded with kale was breakfast for a few days last week.
photo 2

Steamed veggie dumplings at a new restaurant. (MSG free)
photo 1

Pad Thai with vegetables. (the peanuts are bad, we are working on that)

He eats a lot of pineapples.
IMG_5754 2

While I wasn’t able to take photos every day, he ate lots of mangos, pomegranates, pineapples and bananas.

I was really surprised and proud that he didn’t go back to eating meat. He never went back to coffee, soda or Red Bull either. Travis said that he never knew vegetables could be so good feeling, and this is coming from someone who “couldn’t go a few days without his cheesesteaks”.

He does admit that the times when he eats mostly fruit, he feels the best.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Share it with others, maybe it will inspire them to eat more vegetables and fruits! Even the most steadfast eaters can be inspired.