Best Vegan / Vegetarian Food in Memphis.

Imagine Cafe
2158 Young Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104

They have pretty much every comfort food you can think of. I highly suggest the spinach dip for starters. You won’t believe it’s vegan! Be sure to try the buffalo wings, the jerk chicken sandwich, chicken and waffles, Reuben sandwich, and the steak tips. You can’t go wrong! Imagine Cafe also serves breakfast all day and night long on the weekends.

I like Imagine’s spinach dip a little too much.

Buffalo wings with homemade ranch dressing.

And of course, can’t leave out the chili cheese fries.

Wild Beet Salad Co.
4715 Poplar Ave
Memphis, TN 38117

They make the best fresh salads and wraps! I like how enthusiastic the staff is about chopping and mixing vegetables. My only gripe is they close too early on the weekends.

Fuel Cafe
1761 Madison Ave
Memphis, TN 38104

Back in the 1920s, this place used to be a service station but now they offer relaxed ambiance and American cuisine for lunch and dinner. They’re vegan-friendly so there’s something for everyone. If I were there right now I’d order the hibiscus tea, vegan tacos or vegan tv dinner, and the coconut chia pudding for dessert. Their salads are AMAZING too.

TIP: If you want to eat super light just order the house salad or the coconut chia pudding.

The walnut loaf with root vegetables is delicious and will fill you up!

Check out this beautiful salad with creamy tahini dressing.

Two Vegan Sistahs
6343 Summer Ave #110
Memphis, TN 38112

This place is one of my favorites because they offer raw food as well as cooked vegan foods. I suggest you try the raw hamburger with lettuce and an Irish moss smoothie or hibiscus tea. If you want something cooked, order the raw hamburger with lettuce. Their menu changes every week so there’s always something new to try.

Here’s the spaghetti with meatballs. After one bite, I understood why this is one of their most popular dishes.

There’s something about the sauce with the chopped onions and pickles that make this hamburger yummy.

Pizza Rev
450 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38119

I wasn’t a fan of pizza until I ate here. Their 11-inch personal-sized oven-fired organic pizzas are large enough to share with a friend. The ingredient bar has 35 fresh toppings including vegan sausage and Daiya cheese. You can serve yourself craft beer or wine from a wall of 18 taps.

Their BBQ sauce is the best! I like it with vegan sausage, Daiya cheese, pineapple, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, basil, and onion.

Rick’s Cafe Americain
6515 Poplar Ave #103
Memphis, TN 38119

Delicious authentic Mediterranean, Greek, and Lebanese cuisine. Plenty of vegan/ vegetarian options.

Here’s the very veggie kabob!