3 Minutes Of Exercising Around The World. What We All Should Do! [Video]

Steve Kamb took his first trip outside of North America to see the ruins of Machu Picchu. After that, he made the decision that he needed to see the rest of the world, so he continued to travel through 15 countries and over 120,000 miles. Inspired by the video Where The Hell Is Matt?, Steve wanted to pay homage to it by exercising along his journey through each stop and video taping it and then turning into this awesome, inspirational video.

When Steve was asked how he paid for this long trip, he replied, “I’ve been running Nerd Fitness for almost three and a half years now, and the site has been my full time job for the last twenty-two months. Because I can work from anywhere, I was able to travel and explore and exercise while still building a business. Yes, it was (and still is) fun to be able to both, but also quite hectic and chaotic at times. I booked the majority of adventure with one around the world ticket for $418. My trip to Peru was also booked using points, and almost all of my trips around the United States were paid for with cash. Along the way, I stayed in hostels, on couches, and in the occasional hotel while traveling. All told, I spend on average around $2,000 per month for the time I was traveling outside of the United States. Because I had no expenses other than student loans and insurance tied up back home (no house, no mortgage, no rent, no car), it was actually cheaper for me to travel than it was to “play it safe” in the States!”

Watch the video. This is very inspiring! I love that he exercises in every country.

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