Why Squatting Is Better For Pooping.

As silly as it may sound, the Edward’s family made the first Squatty Potty in July of 2011, with the help of a neighbor who had a wood shop. The reason being, Judy was struggling with constipation and realized the act of squatting eased the problem. The Edwards say, “We Believe in Good Bowel Movements, Clean Bottoms & Sweet-Smelling Loos.” Guaranteed to “give you the best Poop you’ve ever had.”  How else could they lighten the topic than with a rainbow-pooping unicorn?

The video below states that, “sitting on porcelain this way can cause kinks in the system: bloating constipation, hemorrhage, and a butt load of other crap.”


By simply using the Squatty Potty, you position your body in it’s natural pooping pose. Say goodbye to kinks and hold ups.

Prepare yourself for a faster more precise bowel movement.

Watch the video for the full scoop on poop. (sorry, couldn’t resist the rhyming opportunity)

NOTE: If you don’t want to buy a squatty potty you can use a stool or box to prop your feet up.