Woman Lives In 84-Foot-Square House And Owns Minimal Possessions. Wow!

Dee Williams has 305 possessions and lives in an 84-square-foot house. She had a heart attack and was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy when she was 40. She lived in a three-bedroom home in Oregon, and decided she didn’t want to spend her time left here on earth doing house chores. One day while in the doctor’s waiting room, Dee read a magazine article about Jay Shafer, the “guru” of tiny house living. The idea of a much simpler life inspired her, and shortly after she flew to Iowa City to meet with Jay. The rest is history.

Now she’s able to work part-time and travel and visit friends whenever she wants.
20140417-TINY-slide-55G1-superJumbo Solar panels run everything in the house including her laptop.


Her monthly housekeeping expenses are about eight dollars a month. She has a one-burner propane stove.


There’s a sink and toilet, but without running water it means composting and no shower. When she wants a shower, Dee takes one at her neighbors.


Dee says she has found peace in her little house, and feels less fearful and more alive. She enjoys smelling raw cedar and pine and listening to the weather.


The loft holds a full-sized mattress.20140417-TINY-slide-GEJ4-superJumbo

Watch the video.

If you’re interested in knowning more about Dee’s lifestyle, check out her book The Big Tiny: A Built It Myself Memoir, available on Amazon.

I love the way Dee lives. We could learn so much from her; take one day at a time, consume less, get rid of things you don’t really need, and simplify your life, and be much happier.