Michio Kaku Explains What Déjà Vu Is.

We’ve all experienced this, some of us more than others. That familiar feeling that you’ve been there before better known as deja vu. Michio Kaku explains his theory on what we experience when we experience deja vu. He states, “Deja Vu... Read More »

13 Reasons You Should Go Vegan

This post really should be titled 13 reasons you should eat more fruit and vegetables because you can go vegan but if you’re eating pasta, sandwiches, and other junk you won’t get the same benefits as you would from eating... Read More »

Why Squatting Is Better For Pooping.

As silly as it may sound, the Edward’s family made the first Squatty Potty in July of 2011, with the help of a neighbor who had a wood shop. The reason being, Judy was struggling with constipation and realized the act of squatting... Read More »

Lion’s Mane: Mushroom For Memory And Mood.

It’s been predicted that by 2050, more than 80-90 million people, age 65 and over, will be affected by age-related neurodegenerative disorders. More people are turning to alternative measures to help prevent that. A nootropic mushroom called Lion’s Mane looks... Read More »

Six Simple Steps For Long Healthy Hair

Growing long hair can be a challenge. I experienced this myself for years. Little did I know, I determine the fate of my hair. I wanted long hair so I searched for answers. What I found were pages and pages... Read More »

The Tale of the Chinese Farmer

You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it twice, maybe from a professor, maybe from your wife. The words linger and your mind wanders, never forgetting the meaning behind the story. Alan Watts telling the story of the Chinese Farmer is... Read More »