Here’s Some Important Reasons To Give Up Meat.

When you have a diet of fruits and vegetables you never have to worry about them being expired or rotted because you can see it. But if you eat meat, you always have to wonder what you’re really eating because the truth is unless you made it yourself you never really know. It could be filled with parasites, it could be expired, or it could be dog or cat or horse meat. The latter may be an important reason to you but cows and chickens are sentient beings too.

Here’s some disturbing things that happened recently that might make you change your mind about eating meat.

This slab of meat is moving possibly because of the autonomic nerve and muscle fiber twitches or parasites? You decide.

In November of 2014, The US Department of Agriculture gave four Chinese companies approval to export cooked poultry products to the United States. The frozen chicken meat will be shipped from the US to China, then cooked there, refrozen, and sent back to the US. Do you trust that?

100,000 tons of frozen meat dating from 1970 was discovered in China just this week.

Earlier in 2015, we found out that horse meat was passed off as beef and other meat products and sold across Europe. How do you know that’s not happening here?


In April 205, the Lo Yen City Chinese restaurant Chinese restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico was sited for selling dog meat to customers without their knowledge. When authorities got there, they found the owner, Yu Yu Chou, a Chinese national, cutting off a dog’s head.
Read about it here.

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As you can see it’s a good time to give up meat if you haven’t yet. There’s lots of alternative meat products to help you transition that can be found in health food stores and grocery stores.