What Happens When You’re Truly Happy.


Do you know what happens when you’re happy? by John Cali

In every moment where you feel deep joy, where you feel insanely happy, you are – at that moment – fully who you truly are. You are fully connected to your higher self, the Great Spirit, and the Universe.

And, in your deep joy and insane happiness, you are radiating powerful waves of energy out into the entire Universe. You positively influence the world immediately around you, the entire planet, all your sisters and brothers, all living creatures great and small.

That is how powerful you, one single soul standing alone, are.

You can literally change the course of your human history standing alone–and simply by being happy.

Being happy is the best possible gift you can ever give to yourself, to your fellow humans, to your planet, and to us in these dimensions.

We love to see you happy. If you did nothing more for the rest of your lives than to simply seek to be happy in every aspect of your lives, you will have more powerfully and profoundly influenced and blessed humanity than all the great historic figures you revere put together.

That’s how powerful you are, all by yourself.