He Decided Not To Mow His Lawn Anymore And Made A Garden Instead.

Most people have grass in their yards that they have to mow every week, but not this homeowner, user locolukas from Reddit. He decided to plant a vegetable garden instead.

He decided to “screw the lawn.”

He started by making 8 6×4 raised beds.

Then he filled the beds with free compost that his city gave away.

He used almost all seeds for his garden. The seeds started sprouting quickly.

He filled the center blocks with compost to make them into a honeybee sanctuary with lavender, rosemary, thyme, and basil.

Arugula came first.

Then spinach.





More peas

He shared vegetables with his neighbor and left vegetables in the “Free Veggies” box.

Green onions

The beets just keep coming!

Romano musica beans






Squash blossoms

Flowers for the bees.

For those that worried about Home Owners’ Association or bringing down the neighbors’ property value, here’s some photos of his neighbors yard.

This man did a great job! I’m sure he’s healthier as a result. It makes way more sense than mowing the lawn every week. Hopefully more people will follow his lead.