10 Common Foods Made From Disgusting Ingredients… Don’t Look At #8.

#1. The coating on jellybeans and skittles is made from crushed insect cocoons known as shellac, used to coat foods and give them that special shine and crunch.

#2. Castoreum is anal secretion mixed with urine from beavers and is a FDA approved food additive commonly used for vanilla and raspberry flavoring. It’s also used in some perfumes.


#3. Powdered cellulose is minuscule pieces of wood pulp or other plant fibers that coat the cheese and keep it from clumping by blocking out moisture.
#4. Chili is made from old hamburgers and silicon dioxide or commonly known as sand.


#5. Basically with processed chicken, the entire chicken, bones, eyes, guts, and all, is smashed and pressed through a sieve then it comes out looking like this liquid meat paste. It’s full of bacteria, because it’s rotting animal tissue, so then it is soaked with ammonia. Afterwards, it will be re-flavored artificially. Then, because it is weirdly pink, it will be dyed with artificial color.


#6. Lanolin is the oily secretion found in sheep wool or sheep sweat. Most sheep are also very likely to have been dipped in insecticides on the farm. These pesticides can accumulate in fat tissue.enhanced-buzz-14291-1311715475-54

#7. Sugar is made from charred animal bones, bone char. Bone char is used to filter and decolorize the raw sugar.enhanced-buzz-14293-1311715215-53

#8. Gelatin is made from collagen, which is boiled connective tissue found in the bones and hooves of animals. Foods like jello, ice creams, cake frostings use gelatin. enhanced-buzz-14293-1311715940-56

#9. Some commercial breads include a softening agent known as L-Cyesteine, made from human hair, hog hair, and duck feathers.enhanced-buzz-14294-1311716062-49

#10. Food producers regularly use crushed female cochineal beetles to dye food, particularly certain yogurts, juices and candy. Read more about this commonly used red dye hereenhanced-buzz-14291-1311717007-60

” Cochineal is a dye made from dried and ground female bodies of the scale insect Dactylopius coccus costa (Coccus cacti L.). Powdered cochineal is dark purplish red. The chief coloring principle in cochineal is carminic acid, a hydroxyanthraquinone linked to a glucose unit. Cochineal contains approximately 10 percent carminic acid; the remainder consists of insect body fragments.” – FDA

Starbucks announced they dropped the bugs out of the strawberry fraps and other menu items in 2012.


This kinda grosses me out when I think about how many bugs I’ve eaten… I’ll never eat another jelly bean again that’s for sure!

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