A Miracle Story: Anthony Pezzo

Anthony Pezzo was found unconscious in his car on June 12, 2011. He had been there for 24 hours without anyone finding him. He had suffered from anoxic encephalopathy brain injury. For 5 months Anothony was in coma. He wasn’t... Read More »

Why I Love Frankincense

I love the smell of frankincense. It has a unique, sweet, warm, light, woodsy, camphor smell that feels comforting and soothing. Frankincense is known as the father of all essential oils. It’s mentioned in one of the oldest known medical... Read More »

Forest Bathing

I went camping in the Redwoods back in July. It was amazing, walking barefoot among the giant trees. The beautiful shades of green were so refreshing on my eyes. I can’t remember feeling that good ever. Trees release phytoncides that... Read More »

Healthy Eating Mantras

Repeat these often for best results. I make excellent food choices for my body. I look and feel my best when I make healthy food choices. I eat food that activates my cellular health. I enjoy eating healthy foods. I... Read More »

Lavender Oil Benefits

Everyone loves the smell of lavender. It’s such a relaxing and comforting smell. Lavender oil is an essential oil used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a healing modality that uses the power of essential oils. These aromatic oils contain the life... Read More »

Benefits of Walking Barefoot / Earthing

When was the  last time you walked barefoot in the grass?  Walking barefoot and having contact with the earth is called grounding. Having direct contact to the earth’s electric energy and negative ions gives you a sense of well being... Read More »

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