What Caffeine Does To Your Brain. It Doesn’t Give You Energy At All.

I used to drink coffee every morning loaded with cream and sugar. I could easily drink 4-5 cups and not feel the effects of it at all. I didn’t know then, but at the time my adrenals were shot. No wonder I was so addicted to coffee. Finally after drinking coffee for most of my adult life, I quit and I had a headache that lasted a week, but after the detox period, I noticed how much better I felt and my sleep improved. One thing though, I still love the smell of coffee, I guess I always will.

Here’s some harmful effects of caffeine.

  • A Mayo Clinic partnered study found that men who drank more than four 8 ounce cups of coffe had a 21% increase in all-cause mortality. Those that reported they consumed excessive amounts were likely to have poor fitness and smoke.
  • Caffeine consumption may raise blood pressure in those already suffering from hypertension. People with hypertension who were given 250 milligrams of caffeine, which is about 2 coffees, had elevated blood pressure for 2-3 hours after their caffeine.
  • Caffeine may cause indigestion. People who consume caffeine beverages often report indigestion, acid reflux, and/or upset stomach.
  • Caffeine can reduce fertility in women. A study from University of Nevada School of Medicine shows that caffeine can reduce a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant.

Watch this video to see how caffeine affects your brain.