7 Sure Signs That Your Ego (Or Someone Else’s) Is Running The Show.

The ego is the part of us that is always self-conscious and always wants to be in total control. It comes from a place that is totally absorbed with our safety, reputation, and survival. The ego separates us from others rather than connecting us. It can cause distractions by leading us out of harmony. It can get in the way of experiencing a happy, well-balanced, meaningful life.

And it’s not going away…ever. Your ego will always be there, but the important thing is that you are aware.

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7 Signs That Your Ego Is Overinflated:

#1. You have to be right.

You don’t like being wrong…in anything. You spend a lot of time judging things, people, and ideas. You think in terms of whether something is either “right or wrong” or “good or bad.” This type of thinking only leads to more judgement and criticism.

Try to let go of being perfect or right. Practice non-judgment and accept things and people as they are. Just for today, be aware every time you judge something.

#2. You often feel stressed out.

You always need to be in control. You have the need to handle and do everything to make sure it’s done right. The ego focuses on survival and gets concerned when things aren’t as they should be. Stress could be a sign that you’re out of alignment.

Learn to trust that everything will be okay. Delegate responsibilities to others.

#3. You have to have more.

Everything has to be perfect and you have to have the best. You aren’t satisfied and are always wanting more. The ego lives from fear that there won’t be enough.

You can change this by finding things to appreciate and be grateful instead.

#4. Things get too serious.

You take yourself too serious. The ego is most likely the root of this. Your ego can steal your joy by filling you with worry, regret and concern.

Laugh at yourself more. Take it easy and allow yourself relax.

#5. You always have to win.

Healthy competition is good. When the ego takes over, it can make a person want to be ruthless and this can be damaging. The constant need for achievement distracts us from love, happiness and peace of mind.

#6. You don’t like giving other people credit.

You don’t enjoy complimenting others on their success. You feel threatened by it and then you have to compete again.

Stop comparing yourself to others and accept that there will be people who will do things differently and maybe better than you, but it’s okay. Compliment people on their work. Give people credit when they deserve it. There’s enough to go around for everyone.

#7. You hate saying sorry.

You might say it once in awhile, but it really bothers you. You think saying you’re sorry is admitting you that are flawed.

Realize that apologizing does not mean you are weak, it makes you more human. It shows that you would rather get along with someone, rather than be right.